Review: On A Tuesday (One Week, #1) by Whitney G.

On a Tuesday



OMG this book! I love Whitney G and she delivered again! I got the ARC yesterday and I finished in one sitting at 2am. It’s unputdownable – this is a second chance romance alternating past and present / two POVs and I could not help myself .  I was desperate to find out what happened seven years ago when Charlotte disappeared. 👻Turned out it was a huge misunderstanding which involved an awful woman that I want to strangle. So much time wasted – they could have spent seven beautiful years together.
Charlotte and Grayson met during their senior year of college. She was a double major in law and art. He was a star football player and apparently, a man-whore on campus. Charlotte is assigned to tutor Grayson on English lit. Grayson had played the field with women but none really captured his attention quite like Charlotte. She is gorgeous, feisty, and doesn’t have the time of day for Grayson. Charlotte has no problem putting Grayson in his place which is a huge change for Grayson because women usually worship the ground he walks on. Grayson is sexy, popular, handsome, and confident. He is slated to be drafted in the NFL when he graduates. An innocent kiss and a few handsy tutor lessons later, the two become friends and lovers. So, what happened that causes Charlotte to skip town? She felt that Grayson used her and spit her out like yesterday’s trash. Grayson spent many years and resources looking for Charlotte with no success – she broke his heart and he wants answers. Seven years later he finally got his wish – Charlotte shows up at their school reunion and Grayson finally has a chance to face the love of his life. Can they forgive each other and rekindle their romance?

For a short read, this book is packed with all the feels. The banters are so hilarious thanks to Charlotte’s smart mouth and Grayson’s overinflated confidence – not in an annoying way though. Grayson is honest and he is more than meets the eye. Grayson is actually sweet, patient, and quite swoony with wooing Charlotte. I adored them both. A certain part also makes me cry 😭 no spoilers here. The only part I was not happy with is the person that causes such heartache and pain for them. I still don’t understand her reasons/motives for what she did. Anyways, I could do without her YUCK!

I love the slow burn, passionate, sizzling chemistry between these two. I’m also a sucker for second romance and this one is full of angst ekkk! Yes!
I also love the sweet, sexy, romance and the HEA. The secondary cast of characters are also awesome especially Nadira and Kyle. I’m secretly hoping there is a story for them. Kyle is a bigger man-whore that needs some taming 😜😂

This book is as expected from Whitney G – great storyline, flawless writing, and amazing cast of characters. LOVED IT!!!! ❤️❤️❤️


Tuesday T2





Tuesday T1

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