Review: Breaking Hollywood by Samantha Towle.

Hollywood C

4.5 Stars

True to Samantha Towle’s style, Breaking Hollywood was another fun, cute and entertaining read.
Eva is in a bad place – she just got dumped by her boyfriend, lost her job, and evicted from her apartment for having a pet goat. Apparently, Eva has a heavy foot because she happened to run someone over. Unfortunately for Eva, her victim turns out to be a sexy celebrity – aka her current crush. Gabe lives alone and now thanks to speedy Eva he is not able to get around. Eva has no place to go so she agrees to his proposition to move in to take care of Gabe for a short time. Boy, Eva had no idea what she got herself into 🙂

Gabe is gorgeous, arrogant, crass, cranky and drinks and smokes too much. He is bound to make her life miserable. Eva is beautiful, sweet and kind but she has no problem dishing back at Gabe. I love the banters and verbal spats between the two characters – perfect foreplay in my opinion. They are hostile with each other but their undeniable chemistry is too hard for either to resist. Gabe slowly grows on Eva and she finally gives in. Their relationship is anything but smooth sailing. Gabe is like a roller coaster of contradictions. One minute he cannot get enough of Eva, the next he wants to get rid of her. He has broken his own rule of not sleeping with employees but he can’t help having deep feelings for Eva. Gabe has a lot to work on with trusting someone and it has a lot to do with his secret past and his upbringing. I honestly did not see the plot twist coming (What Gabe did for a living and the history of his parents) WHOA! What a surprise!!! What happened when Eva found out the real Gabe? Will she be able to forgive Gabe and accept him for who he was?

Overall, Breaking Hollywood was fun, flirty and sexy filled with fantastic banters and sizzling chemistry. The romance is a bit far-fetched for me (movie star meet his admirer) LOL but I enjoyed the entertaining story all the same. PS – I love the pygmy goat the most – I want to bring Gucci home 🙂


Hollywood T2



Release date: October 3, 2017.

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