Review: Most of All You by Mia Sheridan.

Most of You


Holy Moly! Just finished Most of All You and I don’t think I have a single tear left. Every time I pick up one of Mia’s books, I know I’m in for an emotional roller coaster ride. This one is no exception – You will need to stock on tissues.

“A broken woman …”
“A man in need of help …”
“Only love can mend a shattered heart …”

This above is all you really need to know going in. I know the blurb does not give away much in term of the main plot and I think it should stay that way. Honestly, you will enjoy the journey and the experience far better than seeking out any spoilers. The unique and complex plot, the deeply broken characters, their tragic pasts, and the circumstances in which they found each other are just heart-breaking. Don’t expect any sunshine and rainbow! The hero and heroine are survivors and phenomenal human beings. I admire the characters’ strength and the risks they took to help each other mend, knowing how difficult it is to relive your own tortuous past. Most of All You is a masterpiece – poignant, stunning, emotional story of tragedy, survival, healing, love, peace, and second chance at life.

Mia’s writing is simply exquisite – it really does not get any better than this. Her words cut you deep and there is no hiding from the gut wrenching hurts and sorrows you will feel for these characters. ONE OF THE BEST THIS YEAR!

You don’t need stars rating to pick up this book – it’s infinite!



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