Drive: DRIVE by Kate Stewart.



Holy God! Just devoured this book in one sitting into the wee morning hours and it is phenomenal. EPIC.  I was crying, laughing out loud, swooning and losing my damn mind.  I was complete enthralled.  I will say this – DRIVE is Kate’s best work!!!

My review won’t do this book justice.  It’s too simple and Kate is anything but simple so please trust me and read this one.  Her writing is exquisite.

First half – Meet Reid, a drummer in a band called Dead Sergeants — A small time 4-men group performing around Austin hoping for a big break.  Reid is a starving artist, waitressing on the side trying to make ends meet, supporting a couple of deadbeat’s parents, and all the while fighting his own demons.

Stella – fresh off a bad breakup, jobless, heart broken.  She is crashing on her sister Paige’s couch for the summer and planning on attending UT to become a music journalist.  Stella and Reid spent a lot of time together, working, talking music and started a whirlwind romance.  Unfortunately, it was short lived.  Stella is Reid’s biggest fan.  She always believed Dead Sergeants will make it big someday.  But success doesn’t happen overnight. There is this thing called life that kept nagging on their heels.  Desperate and broke, Reid finally hit rock bottom.  He quit the band, skipped town and took half of Stella’s heart with him.

Part two – Meet Nate – the young, sexy, confident owner of Austin Speak.  Stella wanted a job reporting for the Austin Speak but Nate could not afford her.  A few months later, Kate finally won Nate over.  Nate is the definition of a perfect hero.  Features aside, he has a beautiful heart.  He is caring, protective, devoted, patient and kind.  I can’t find a single fault in him. He worships the ground Stella walks on and they fall madly in love.  For the first time since Reid, Stella is happy and whole.  Life is as it should be.  But not so fast …

Some time has passed and Reid rejoins the band.  Thanks to Stella’s earlier article showcasing Dead Sergeants, the band got noticed by scouts and signed.  At last, the boys are well on their way to stardom.  Reid has been to hell and back.  He is a new man who believes he deserves a second chance with Stella, and he will stop at nothing to win her back.  Reid reminds Stella of her own passion and dreams for her career and who she wants to become.  Most important, he reminds her of her first true love and the man who has done everything to deserve that love in return.

Who would she choose? — Good God! My heart breaks for all of them Stella, Nate and Reid.  There is really no safe or easy choice is there? It’s a love triangle and someone is bound to come out shattered in pieces.  Let me clarify though that there is NO cheating here.  Yes, there were a couple of passionate kisses but I think that part was all in the name of love and rock n roll.  I assure you there is no bed hopping, so no controversy there.  Although, did I mention ALL the bedding, sex scenes are nothing short of spectacular?  Man! I’m still sweating and bothered – these men are panty-dropping hot and sure know their way around the sack. Holly shit! They really went at it like men possessed – SEXY, SIZZLING, PASSIONATE.  There are also a lot of hilarious and laugh out loud moments.

The characters in this book are superb – every single one of them including all the side characters.  I adore Nate – a perfect gentleman, my hero.  Reid – flawed, broken spirits, tortured soul, full of demons but overcame adversity through determination and hard work.  I love him.  Can you love two men? Why yes! You can!!!!  You just have to read and see …

Stella – my sweet adorable heroine.  She won my heart over.  I admire her intelligence, her tenacity, her loyalty, and her heart.  I can’t say enough about all the side characters.  Paige and Neil, Ben and Lexi – I would love a story on them.  I’m not above begging here.  Honestly, after this book I’m begging for more.

This book provokes so many emotions. I laughed, I cried but mostly I hurt for the character’s life hardships and the difficult choices they made. Life just got real in this book people.  Drive is an epic love story – A poignant, heart-wrenching, gorgeous rock star/second chance romance but it so much more than that.  It’s about the difficult choices and the sacrifices you make for the ones you love.  It’s about true friendship, families (good or bad), self-discovery and the struggles / the growing pains young adults face daily.  Drive is the epitome of love, sacrifice and strength.

I’ll say it again! Drive is Kate’s best work.  An absolute must read for music fans, rockstar/second chance romance suckers, and all romance book enthusiasts out there.

PS: Kate must be a music enthusiast – the amount of music and band knowledge is astounding and paramount in this story because music is part of who Stella is. It is part of ALL of them – they live and breathe music.  The playlist – phenomenal!


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