Review: Ruthless King by Meghan March

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Ruthless King by Meghan March ~ 4.5 Stars

Ruthless King is the first of three of The Mount Trilogy, so obviously this book ends with a cliffhanger but the good news is book two and three will be released very soon (Fall of this year).  The cliffhanger though had my mouth gaped open :0)

The Ruthless King aka Lachlan Mount is just that RUTHLESS.  He owns New Orleans.  Everyone is either at his beck and call or disappears.  That goes for all his business people as well as his women.  Keira is running a distillery, a family whiskey business.  Keira is recently widowed – but she is not losing any sleep over it.  In fact, she would kill him herself again if she had the chance.  Keira was shocked to find out her dead husband left her 500K short – this debt goes to none other than the Ruthless King himself.  Mount did not wait long to collect and he wants Keira in a form of payment!!! Ding, ding, ding… Knowing Mount’s reputation, what would Keira do?  Pay up, run, or give herself to the most powerful, heartless King of New Orleans?

Geez, this book is HOT and EROTIC.  Mount is an enigma.  He is all alpha, cold and mysterious.  We don’t quite know yet the real Mount; but we do know he is mouthwatering sexy, dominant, pleasure giving so far and Keira can’t help but beg for more.  Keira is a strong woman.  Since her husband death she is down but not out.  She is determined to keep her family business alive.  Mount can take her body but not her business.  The feisty Keira will not go down without a fight.  I enjoyed the banters between Keira and Mount.  She is stubborn as hell and doesn’t know how to shut up with Mount which drives him insane because no one ever defies him.  This book is told mostly in Keira’s POV and I wish for more of Mount’s POV.  I want to know what is in his mysterious head and what he thinks of Keira.  We have not gotten to the nitty and giddy of the plot yet.  So far, we are introduced to the main characters and the sizzling lust that followed.  There is an amazing chemistry and passion but I would not say there is romance yet because Keira despises Mount.  She hates that Mount can control her body, her desires, her mind but at the same time she can’t help but beg for more.  Ruthless King is Gritty, Dark, Addicting.  I can’t wait for the rest of the Trilogy that will ensure drama, suspense, sex, romance, and more.


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