Review: Bountiful by Sarina Bowen.



OMG! This book is so sweet you guys ❤ Bountiful is BEAUTIFUL!

I am in love with Dave Beringer, Zara, and baby Nicole.  Sarina sure knows how to craft a sweet, sexy, romantic love story, at the same time adding some ingredients and significance to the plot.

Zara lives in Vermont and runs her uncle’s bar.  One summer, Dave walks into said bar and is immediately attracted to the feisty beautiful bartender.  The attraction is mutual…a few drinks later Dave ends up in Zara’s apartment upstairs.  Dave and Zara are both in for good time with no strings attached.  For the rest of Dave’s vacation, the two have a sizzling, intense, scorching hot romance.  But the good times end when Dave has to go back to his life in NY – Zara does not even say good bye.

Two years later, Zara is with a child.  She is no longer the wild young woman.  Zara has grown up, owns her coffee shop and spends the rest of her time being a single mom.  Two years has passed but there is something about Vermont that Dave hasn’t forgotten.  Dave comes back to Vermont on another vacation with his teammate.  He does not waste any time looking for Zara and it doesn’t take long in this small town … What happens when Dave realizes his supposedly relaxing vacation is about to get way more complicated.  Will he stay or will he go?

I love the characters in this book.  Zara is fiercely independent.  She is a wild child but tames down when Nicole comes into her life.  She is determined to take good care of her baby girl as a single mom.  Nicole by the way is so freaking cute and she is not by any means lacking love.  She has tons of uncles doting on her.  I love Dave – having a family was never on his mind.  He is focused on his hockey career but Dave steps up to the plate and it is so endearing the way he is sweet with Nicole.  I also love the secondary characters – Dave’s teammates and Zara’s supportive family.  They are overly protective of Zara and the third degree they gave Dave was hilarious but Dave of course took it like a champ.

I really enjoyed Bountiful – the light-hearted plot is refreshing with no drama, a bit of angst between the characters, charming, sexy, romantic, and the cutest little person.  Heart-warming to see mom and dad gushing over baby girl Nicole – really adorable.  Bountiful is a perfect blend of sweet, sexy, emotional, and heartwarming romance.


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