Review: Forever Right Now by Emma Scott.

Foreve right now

6 Stars

Wait wait wait! Who is the author again? THEE NAME IS EMMA SCOTT so must I say more? READ THIS BOOK 🙂

Emma Scott has an incredible talent for making you feel all the FEELS in a span of 300 pages. Forever Right Now is yet another EPIC love story – moving, beautiful, heart-felt and of course flawlessly written.

Here is a short scoop: Darlene is a recovering drug addict.  She hit rock bottom and after a stint in jail Darlene is ready to start over.  She begins in a new city working as a massage therapist by day and dancer by night.  Sawyer lives in the same building as Darlene,  right below her.  Sawyer’s life has been recently complicated by a surprise visit from an ex-bedmate in the form of a baby.  Sawyer’s partying days are over.  He is a struggling single father / college student with tight income, little sleep, putting himself through law school, and taking care of his little girl all while barely keeping his head above the water.  Sawyer has no time or energy for a relationship but there is something about the beautiful dancer upstairs that he cannot resist. What will happen when a soon to be prosecutor finds out the beautiful dancer/ sometimes babysitter has a criminal record?  Can Sawyer ever trust Darlene again?  Does Darlene deserve a second chance and will she get one?

If you are familiar with Emma’s Scott’s books you know you are in for a world of hurt and tears.  I thought I went in well prepared… and I was doing well until about 40% through the book – I crumbled. Buckle up ladies and gentleman because you are in for a wild ride of emotions.  I was crying buckets in to the early morning and woke up with poufy eyes.

One of the things I like about this book is the slow relationship development between Sawyer and Darlene.  In this story, it felt genuine – there is no lust or a quick rolling into the a hay to satisfy an itch.  I feel like Sawyer and Darlene are real and relatable characters – people with difficult life problems.  Darlene has to learn to forgive and love herself again in order to truly love someone else.  Sawyer is a young single dad with a little girl who depends on him.  He had a tough childhood and is still struggling with trust, forgiveness, and maybe letting go.  To him the law is black and white – there is no room for feelings or passion.  Sawyer is about to find out the hard way and is forced to learn an important life lesson.  With everything that is going on in Sawyer and Darlene’s life, I think anything more than a sweet slow building friendship to lovers would be insincere.  I have to say though Darlene and Sawyer complement each other perfectly.  They also need each other desperately.  Darlene needs someone who can believe in her, accept her, and love her as she is flawed and all.  Everyone deserves a second chance and Sawyer was that perfect hero.  I cried hard at Darlene’s first performance scene L  Sawyer also needs to work on himself and Darlene was the very catalyst that helped him realize it is okay to have compassion and forgiveness.

Besides the somber theme, not all is serious though.  Of course, there is flirting, a bit of sexy scenes, and romance.  There is this adorable little girl Olivia who I can’t get enough of.  There is a full cast of secondary characters that added so much enjoyment to the story.  Max, the sponsor/Darlene’s friend who is full of insight and wisdom at such a young age.  Jackson, the best wingman you could have ever asked for.  Henrietta (Jackson’s mom) is the mother hen – always with honest advice for the boys.  Elena, the kind neighbor who’s doting on baby Olivia like her own… and the list goes on.  By the time I finished the epilogue, I was a blubbering mess but ALL happy tears.  This book really pulled at ALL my heart strings – it’s an inspirational story of friendship, love, hope, forgiveness and second-chance.  Beautifully written and a fantastic storyline.  ABSOLUTE MUST READ from one of my very favorite authors.


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