Review: The Other Brother by Meghan Quinn.


4.5 Stars

“The harder you love, the harder you fall.”

True to Meghan Quinn’s style, The Other Brother is another fun, light-hearted, romantic read. We have met Aaron before in the other books My Best Friend Ex and Twisted Twosome which are both awesome standalones about Aaron’s friends Tucker and Racer. Although Aaron’s story is a little more heartbreaking and has a more serious tone to it, you will still get a large dose of fun, angst, sexual tension, and sweet second chance romance.

“You’re important to me, and I see the worth in you.”

Aaron’s childhood is sad with poverty and a drunken mother. The only sunshine in Aaron’s life is Amelia who they met at a pizza take out. Aaron shared the last slice of his favorite pizza for Amelia (how sweet is that right?). Aaron and Amelia quickly fell in love and were planning their happily ever after. Unfortunately, right before Amelia went off to college Aaron broke her heart. Three years later, Amelia moves back to town to take care of her ailing father. The last person she expects to see is her new gorgeous next door neighbor Aaron . Aaron is no longer the boy Amelia remembers. He is filled out and full of muscles, oozing sexiness. Aaron has done well for himself. With his determination and hard work Aaron is now co-owner of a construction company. Aaron has his own reasons for letting the love of his life go way back then, but Aaron thinks he deserves a second chance at winning Amelia’s heart. He always loved Amelia, still does and always will. The only problem is Amelia has moved on – she has a serious boyfriend but not just any guy … he is the biological long lost brother of Aaron. Who will she choose — her first love Aaron or the more safe, dependable, successful other brother?

I am a fan of Meghan and I love all her stories. This one is no different – I was hooked from the start. Aaron is a sweet, caring, gentle giant. Even though he broke Amelia’s heart he did it with the very best intentions and he deserves a second chance at happiness. I also adore Amelia. She is loyal, caring and forgiving. She is torn and we all know how hard it is to forget your first love especially when he is hell bent on winning you back. I like the reminiscing part between the Aaron and Amelia’s past – flirty, quirky banters, innocent and super cute. I enjoyed the angst, the passion, the delicious sexual tension and the emotional roller coaster and it is so worth it at the end. Another beautiful second chance romance!





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