Review: Thirty Day Boyfriend by Whitney G.

Thirty Day C


SQUEEEZZ! Thirty Day Boyfriend is so freaking delicious. I just love these little short stories from Whitney G. I can always count on something light, sexy, fun and adorable when I pick up one of these gems from the author. I think this might be my favorite enemy-to-lover romance.

Emily is the assistant for Mr. Wolf of Wall Street. She hates her job and she hates her boss more. Emily needs to move on but good luck getting another job because Mr. Wolf blacklisted Emily so no one would dare hiring her. Now why would he do that? Is he that afraid to find another good assistant; or is Wolf afraid Emily will spread her wings and he will lose her forever? Mr. Wolf is about to sign the biggest contract of his career but the catch is he has to appear like a family man, someone who is ready to settle down and have a family. Mr. Wolf is not even close – he came up with a brilliant idea of offering Emily to be his pretend fiancé for a month, in exchange for a large chunk of money and he will let her leave. Emily could not refuse this generous offer … Oh boy! Emily did not know what she got herself into though. What happen when she starts to fall for her fake fiancé.

From the moment I read the blurb I knew I would love this story. Emily is beautiful, smart, feisty – the only assistant who can put up with the demanding, overbearing, ass-holery boss. Nicholas is a successful, powerful man, a bachelor and sexy as hell. There is more to Nicholas than what meets the eyes though – totally swoon worthy hero. I really enjoy the flirty, hilarious banters, and sexual innuendo between Emily and Nicholas – Perfect kind of foreplay leading up to a passionate romance and happily ever after. Thirty Day Boyfriend is entertaining, lighthearted and fun read. I am a huge fan of Whitney G. and love all her books. Don’t pass this up!

Thirty Days T1



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Thirty Day T1

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