Review: The Outliers by T.M. Frazier!

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4.5 Stars!

This is part 2 of the Outskirt series, so you must read the first book. What a wonderful end to a beautiful series! We were left with quite the cliffhanger in book one when Sawyer finds out her mom is still alive. I hate cliffhangers and I needed this book bad!
The story unfolds nicely with not too much angst. The best part about this book is how Finn and Sawyer stay a strong team and fight for their future. Their love and dedication is amazing and of course, HOT!! I also really like the interwoven themes of family and woman power. I love the strength that Caroline and Sawyer have. They are fighters and they fought for a new life. I think it’s a powerful message. In addition, Josh and Miller were great comic relief in this story.

There were only a few things that bothered me. I found the way Caroline’s death was faked slightly implausible, but I’m pretty good at just trying to go with it. In addition, Finn was having unprotected sex with Sawyer. Considering Sawyer is naïve and doesn’t know where babies come from, I kind of feel Finn should tell her the consequences of this. It was careless and it left a slightly bad feeling with me. However, I was willing to overlook it mostly because Sawyer and Finn are so much in love and they do want babies together. In fact, the ending is just perfect. It wraps things up in a nice pretty bow. So, I DEFINITELY recommend this series! Happy reading!


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The Outliers (Book Two)
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The Outskirts (Book One)
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