Review: DEFIANT QUEEN, the second book of the HOT NEW TRILOGY by Meghan March.



Holy sh*t! I think Meghan March is intending to give me a slow torturous death! This book obviously has another cliffhanger but not just any kind – it’s the kind where I pulled all my d*mn hair extensions out, shaking and screaming at my kindle – where the hell is Sinful Empire? OMG I don’t think I can wait until next month 😩

Here is the scoop, with Defiant Queen you are still not any closer to knowing who Lachlan Mount is? We know he is an enigma. We know he owns New Orleans and he is dangerous.  We also know he has a tortuous past but how did he climb out of the hell hole and amass such an empire? That is still a total mystery and we have to wait until Sinful Empire to find out.

OMG you guys! I am in love with Mount in this book.  We get to see another side of Mount. He is still an a**h0le, alpha, controlling and impossible but we also see a softer side of Mount – vulnerable, caring and swoony.  Deep down he is just man who want to be desired, needed and loved … shhh …. Don’t tell anyone though.  Keira is still a hellion.  She must pay her debt to Mount by submitting herself but she isn’t going to make it easy for him.  She is defiant, constantly running her mouth, and fighting Mount at every turn.  The woman is hell-bent on testing Mount’s control and patience.  What will it take for Keira to give in to her own needs and surrender to Mount?  Goodness! This book is freaking sexy – the sex scenes is erotic, passionate, scorching hot and to die for!!!

I really enjoyed a little more suspense in the plot.  Mount is in dangerous ground – He must not show any weakness but Keira is his kryptonite.  Mount is bending all the rules for the Queen and people started to notice.  A powerful dangerous man like Mount should keep his friends close and his enemies closer and Mount is threading on dangerous water.

The end of this book gave me a damn heart attack.  Christ! I cannot believe this cliffhanger – fresh off a romantic business/vacation, Keira finally come to term with her feelings for Mount but then she is in HUGE trouble 🙂 This is just freaking cruel Meghan!!!!

I am obsessed with this trilogy!!!! The plot is absolutely exhilarating – a total rollercoaster packed with action, drama, passion, and suspense from the beginning until the end.  I devoured this baby in one sitting.  I’m dying for the finale.  SOOOO GOOD and ADDICTIVE!!! READ IT!!!!! ❤




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