Review: Limitless Love by Audrey Carlan.



I fell in love with Audrey Carlan reading the first book of A Lotus House Series and I have been completely hooked since.  Limitless Love is Lotus #4 and it is gorgeous.  A wonderful love story between a single mother and swoony hero.

Monet and Clayton have known each other for a short time the year before.  Monet thought they had a great connection but Clayton seems to get cold feet and never calls her again.  They went their separate ways.  The circumstances of how they reconnect this second time around helps Clayton realize that the chemistry they had was unbreakable and his feelings for Monet and her little girl ran deeper than he had anticipated.  I really enjoyed the slow building friendship to lovers relationship between Monet and Clayton.  This plot is a bit more serious and emotional.  Monet was attacked by her deadbeat ex-husband and badly injured physically and emotionally.  She has been to hell and back and Clayton was there to hold her hand every step of the way.  Clayton was hurt and betrayed in his past relationship that makes it hard for him to trust people but Monet changes that.  Clayton jumps into caring for Monet and her little girl – it’s really sweet.  I adore Clayton.  Clayton is truly a hero in every sense of the word.  He is protective, patient, kind, sweet and caring.  It doesn’t hurt that he is all muscle, sexy and easy on the eye.  He had me at “hello” the minute he had his first interaction with Lily – totally swoony and melted my heart.  Let’s not forget the romance between Monet and Clayton though.  You have to wait a long while given Monet’s healing process but damn! Audrey writes the best erotic, panty dropping hot, and passionate sex scenes like no other.

Over all, Limitless Love is truly a beautify, heartfelt, passionate romance with a dash of suspense and drama.  Another wonderful addition to the Lotus series.

4.5 Beautiful Stars!


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