Review: Over Us, Over You by Whitney G.

Over Us Over You C


Over Us, Over You is a romcom, friend to lover, can be read as standalone.
Hayley and her brother Jonathan had a rough start in life. They were abandoned by their drug addicted mother. When she was finally sent to jail, Hayley and Jonathan ended up in and out of some bad foster homes. When Jonathan left for college he asked Corey (his foster brother) to look after Hayley. Many nights, Hayley climbed through Corey’s window and spent the night in the warm and comfort of Corey’s arms. They were inseparable and became best friends.

Fast forward several years, Jonathan became one of the most successful businessman. Hayley is still struggling with a failing relationship and a sinking business. Hayley decided to move west to live with her brother until she can get back on her feet. The last thing she expected was to see Corey again; not only seeing him, but rather sharing a close living space and forced to spend a whole lot of time with her childhood crush. Just like old time, right? NOT! They are both grown up. Corey is sexy, gorgeous, man-whore who does not want or need a commitment relationship. That is about to change. Hayley is beautiful and tempting. The simmering chemistry and the sexual tension is off the charts. Corey knows better that Hayley is off limits, but can he denies the attraction and turn his back on the sexy as sin Hayley this time around?

I have to be honest, I am not thrill with Hayley. She seems like a hot mess – did not finish college (her brother paid for), failed at her only business venture, moved in her rich brother. I don’t want to sound judgy – I think everyone deserves a second chance. What bother me though is that she seems lazy, careless, and has a bad work ethic (granted she misses work because she was roaming around having hot sex with Corey ) but still Hayley seems a bit entitled and unappreciative of her brother generosity.

What I love about this book is the storyline – best friend to lover/forbidden best friend’s sister (one of my favorite kind of romance). I enjoyed the banters especially the hilarious texts/emails – this is one of the quirk of Whitney’s writing that I love so much. I adore the overprotective brother Jonathan who is sweet and kind. Despite a little hiccup in Corey’s judgment at the end, I still like the hero. He redeemed himself and it was pretty darn romantic. Over all, this book was entertaining, fun, sexy, short and sweet.

I have been a huge fan of Whitney over the years. I love her gorgeous writing style and all her cute, lighthearted, sexy love stories. This one is not my favorite but I am looking forward to her next installment.


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