Review: Man Hands (Man Hands, #1) by Sarina Bowen & Tanya Eby.

Man Hands C


Whoa! What a fun, cute and romantic little story!!! Sarina Bowen is one of my favorite authors / Tanya Eby is new to me and what a pair they are, creating such a masterpiece. Entertaining storyline, hilarious banters, adorable hero and heroine – I cannot stop giggling. Soooo dang cute!

Brynn is fresh off a painful divorce. She is done with men. What she likes to do these days is to work on her blog, Brynn’s Dips and Balls, but her friends disagree. They think what Brynn needs is “to be fucked” What happens when Brynn runs into her ex at a party, watching him hang on to a new younger chick? Well, she leaps into the first man’s arms she sees in the garden, kisses the hell out of him, and ends up having hot sex in the boat house. The minute it was done, she bolts.

Tom is the gardener Brynn had a one night stand with, except he is not a gardener at all. Tom has his own home renovation TV show. After a rather embarrassing episode, he is taking a hiatus from the show hoping the paparazzi will leave him alone. The only excitement Tom has had in months is a steamy one night stand with the mysterious woman in the boat house. Tom’s new mission is to find Brynn but the harder part is to convince the public that the “leaked sex tape scandal” is nothing but two people consummating love. Brynn is to be Tom’s “fake fiancé” until his next renovation project finished, but what happens when the “fake fucking” continues and feelings are involved?

I love the plot – it’s lighthearted, sexy, and entertaining. There is an ease to the authors writing. It flows seamlessly from beginning until the end. I am in awe that the story is written by two authors as you really can’t tell. I enjoyed the hilarious banters, the quirky heroine and the hot sexy on the stick swoony hero. There is not really any angst or drama. Just straight up sweet rom/com with a HEA. Perfect weekend read!!!


Man Hands T2




Man Hands T1

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