Review: Sinful Empire by Meghan March.

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Whoa! One of my favorite reads this year!!!!

What a fantastic ending to the Mount trilogy. Sinful Empire is the third and final book and Meghan March did not disappoint. It was just as thrilling and captivating as the first two books. In this book, we got a glimpse into the heartbreaking childhood of Mount and how it shaped who he is today. The second book ended with a huge cliff hanger where both Keira and Mount were attacked, which nearly killed them both. Mount took a bullet to protect Keira (swoons, right?). When Keira came to it, she finally understood where she belongs – body and soul. Since Dublin, Keira already started to fall for Mount but she is stubborn and still wants to hold on to some independence. But Keira was meant to be the Queen and the center of Mount’s universe. Mount is still alpha, demanding, ruthless, dangerous and at the same time caring and protective. Despite Mount’s dominant tendency, he does not want to own Keira (well, in the bedroom he does – He loves that Keira is independent, rebellious and keeps him on his toes. Dublin trip changed everything – so will their hearts.

This book is exhilarating – packed with actions and suspense from the beginning until the end. There were also a couple of huge twists that had me gasping for breath. Magnolia is Keira’s only friend but Keira discovered Magnolia was disloyal. Can Keira ever trust Magnolia again or are their friendships forever broken? There is another big twist at the end where Mount’s past came back to haunt him. This one I did not see it coming… we have heard about J throughout the book, but just who is J and what is J’s motive? You know what they say: keep your friend close and your enemies closer :0)

I really enjoyed the intense relationship between Mount and Keira. They finally came to the understanding that they were destined to be together from the very beginning. So much heartache and time wasted, we finally see Keira and Mount’s relationship blossom in this book. The chemistry, the passion, and the steamy romance is insanely sexy. I thought the ending was a bit rushed but other than that, I enjoyed this series tremendously.

This Mount trilogy is definitely one of my favorites this year. The story line is brilliant, the characters are fascinating, the love story is gorgeous. It was beautifully written.

This series is seriously addictive. Every time I get my hands on an ARC, I devour it in one sitting. 6 THRILLING STARS MUST READ this year!!!!




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