Review: Team Player: A Sports Romance Anthology by Adriana Locke, Charleigh Rose, Ella Fox, Emma Scott, Emma Scott, Kate Stewart, Kate Stewart, Kennedy Ryan, L.J. Shen, Mandi Beck, Meghan Quinn, Rochelle Paige, Sara Ney.

Team Player


Goodness I love this anthology.  There are so many talented authors in here and the bonus is they all write sport heroes which are one of my favorite romances.  These are novellas – short and sweet reads but for sure I would have happily read them in full-length.

One of my favorite novellas is Emma Scott’s One Good Man – full of heart and feels.  Janey is a journalist student who writes about mostly sport stars in the states but her passion is beyond sweaty men and their muscles.  She wants to be taken seriously.  Her passion is to explore and write stories that make a difference in the world.  Janey was sent to Paris to start anew but unfortunately her first assignment is a story on another sports star Adrian – a football player.  Janey wasn’t thrilled.  She knows all the hot jocks’ numbers and she is not impressed, but Adrian might just surprise her.  I adore Adrian.  He is such a good soul, kind, and not a typical sports jock.  He has secrets and he struggles with making the right decisions for himself and his family.  One of Good Man is so much more than a typical sports romance.  Beautiful, heartfelt, amazing love story.

Another of my favorites is Sweeping the Series by Kate Stewart.  I am always excited to get my hands on one of her stories and she does not disappoint.  If you love Kate’s sense of humor and writing style you cannot go wrong, regardless of genre.  Ren and Erica are adorable.  It’s a second chance/ sport romance filled with wicked banters and steamy sex scenes.  One of them is mad at the other so the angst and the tension is incredible.  The sizzling chemistry is definitely amazing as well.  Overall a very heartwarming, fun, sexy romance.


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