Review: My Enemy Next Door by Nicole London & Whitney G.

My enemy Cover


Gah! Whitney G. writes such cute little stories. I am totally addicted. Courtney and Jace met in high school detention :0 They spent many afternoons together alone, became best friends and then more… Jace graduated first and went off to college. Soon after the two broke up, each had a different version of who broke whose heart, and they have not spoken to each other since. A decade later, the two met again, this time both top notch lawyers about to become colleagues assigned to work on the same case. YIKES, right?!!! Courtney is all grown up sexy in heals and a bad ass lawyer. Jace is sexy, confident, shameless flirty and does not hide how he feels about Courtney one bit. The chemistry and the passion is simmering, neither of them could ignore. Jace wants nothing less than to pick up where they left off but Courtney is not having it. All the time apart wasted due to a huge misunderstanding. Will Jace be able to convince Courtney that they are meant to be?
I’ve come to love these short stories from Whitney G. Cute second chance romance, witty banters, a tiny bit of angst with a high dose of sexy and swoony romance. The ending was a bit fast, I thought we had another 5% left – I would love maybe an epilogue Anyhow, this is a must read short story – Sweet, charming, romantic!!! LOVE IT!!!

4.5 Stars!!!!




My enemy next door T

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