Review: Man Card by Sarina Bowen.

Man Card Cover

EKK! CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! Man Card is a standalone and the second of a Man Hands series. I enjoyed Man Hands and Sarina and Tanya did it again with this fantastic romantic comedy. It features Ash and Braht, both of whom we met in the first book.

I am mostly attracted to alpha, flawed, broody heroes. Braht is the opposite – clean cut, well dressed and well-manicured. A metrosexual kind of guy, but surprisingly I like him a lot. Braht is funny and has the dirtiest mouth. Goodness, all the dirty talk and the sexual innuendo he spews was hilarious. It’s cute that he has a crush on Ash forever and he has all these silly nick names for her. I swoon a little because of his protectiveness toward Ash. I adore the heroine as well. She is driven, smart, no funny business, feisty kind of girl. Ash and Braht are supposed the be rivals. Each wants to be on top of their game when it comes to selling houses, especially when there is a huge bonus on the line. But one tryst encounter in the closet and the two are hooked. They want to hate each other but the sexual chemistry is too much to ignore.

I enjoy the plot – mostly light-hearted with a touch of mystery involving an ex but nothing too intense. If you are looking for something cute, sexy, funny, feel good story that make you smile – this is for you.


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