Review: Hidden Seams by Alessandra Torre.

Hidden Seams


Okay WOW! I’ve read a lot of books over the years and I thought I had seen it all.   Apparently not.  Hidden Seams has quite an interesting storyline.  The thing that I love about Alessandra Torre is that you really know what you are going to get when you pick up one of her books.  It’s a pleasant surprise every time – she is truly a versatile writer.

Marco Lent is a young designer who inherited an empire after his boyfriend Vince Horace, a fashion mogul passed away.  Marco and Vince lived together for over a decade, together they ruled the fashion world.  Marco is to inherit his entire estate and carry on his legacy.  Avery is adopted, a troubled teen who managed to survive on her own.  For a long time, she wants to find her roots.  She met her mother but never found out who her father was.  The only thing she has is a 30 year old photo of a man who somewhat resembles the fashion mogul Vince Horace.  Avery is determined to find out who Vince was so she makes her way to NY, but she quickly runs into a roadblock – a hard rock body of Marco J Shit hits the fence, a chain of events happens, and secrets revealed … Who is Marco? Has he been living a lie all these years?  Is Vince gay or straight? Does he have a daughter all these years and never realized it?  Will Avery get part of his empire and the closure she needs?

All I can say is go into this book with an open mind.  Nothing is what it seems and the plot will surprise you.  I love the hero – multilayered, mysterious, sexy and the heroine who is strong, independent and smart.  She is not someone easily trifled with, yet feminine and beautiful inside and out.  The romance between them is definitely steamy, sexy, passionate and heartwarmingly beautiful.  The plot captivates my attention from the start and sucks me in until the end. Alessandra Torre does not disappoint with her brilliant stories and flawless writing.


Hidden Seams T2



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