Review: Seek Mia Sheridan.


6 Stars

Sexy, unique, thrilling! MUST READ!

“You dream like I do.  Only … you’re more selfless than I am, Thomas.  You dream for others.  You were once scared, alone.”

 WOW WOW Mia! This is quite a surprise!!! When I heard Mia is having a surprise release next week I jumped at a chance to read it early and wow, this book blew me away.  Seek is a short story but has all the feels, unique characters and an intense plot – something that we all come to expect from this author.

“Yeah, you.  I’m assuming you have a heart under all that … muscle mass?”

Holy hell! This book is fast paced, steamy, intense and packed with twists and turns that will make your heart pound out of your chest.  I could not put it down.  Olivia was supposed to get married and live happily ever after, but her fiancé Alec suddenly disappeared.  A private investigator revealed that Alec is currently hiding out in Colombia, a place riddled with crime after a devastating earth quake and the tsunami that followed.  Columbia is unsafe – people live by their own rules.   Olivia hired an ex-Seal Thomas to escort her through the treacherous and dangerous journey to find her fiancé.  Thomas was supposed to be her employee and protector but somewhere along the way, feelings develop.  Thomas and Olivia are polar opposites but the sexual chemistry is palpable, gritty, sexy and mouthwatering hot! Olivia is a rich girl who inherited an empire from her parents.  Thomas is broody, cold, intimidating and a dangerous man.  But are they that much different? Thomas and Olivia lives crossed paths, dark secrets were revealed and lord I did not see that one coming.  Will Oliva find what she is looking for or will her heart break all over again?

“A part of me they couldn’t erase, no matter how hard they tired.”

Without spoiling too much, I can only say that Seek is quite a unique, steamy romance.  It’s thrilling, and full of heart.  I am moved by both Alec and Olivia and their heartbreaking past. The writing is brilliant as always. I can’t help but admire the author and her talent of storytelling – always coming up with such interesting stories.  A fan of the author or not, I promise you will not be disappointed.



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