Review: XO, Zach by Kendall Ryan.

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OHHHH MI GOSH!!!! XO, Zach is delicious!!!! I love this forbidden counselor/student romance. Poppy is fresh off a break up with her douche bag boyfriend. So, when he brought a new girl to a college party Poppy ran to the first handsome guy she met and asked him to pretend to be her boyfriend. They shared long talks and an unforgettable passionate kiss that left Zach wanting more. The next day Poppy went to meet her advisor for the new school year, guess who was sitting all sexy behind the desk? You guessed it!!!

I love the heroine. Poppy is fun, sweet, and caring. Poppy has more responsibility than just herself so naturally she is reluctant to jump into bed with Zach even though her body so wants to. A couple of times, Poppy had trouble making up her mind about Zach but I like that Poppy is honest. I understand her reasons for lack of commitment. I really adore Zach. He’s got the whole young, sexy and delicious advisor going on Zach has the filthiest mouth and might come on strong but there is something sweet about him. The chemistry was instant – Zach felt the sparks and the sizzling chemistry right from the start. After Zach got a little taste he knew she would be the death of him. Zach knew Poppy was skittish but he is determined to break down her walls I also enjoyed the secondary cast of characters. Zach’s mother is freaking hilarious. She has no brain to mouth filter so that made for some really hilarious banters. I like that Zach and his mother have a carefree and open relationship, albeit a little weird the things they discuss, but light hearted and sweet all the same.

XO, Zach was a sexy, sweet, charming rom com/forbidden romance. I enjoyed the cat and mouse chase, the steamy romance, the hilarious banters, and the cutest swoony storyline. Well written, fast paced, lighted hearted, entertaining read. I devoured this baby in one sitting. LOVED IT!!!

4.5 delicious stars!!!




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Audible:  Live release, narrated by Andi Arndt & Sebastian York!


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