Review: Combust by K. Bromberg.

COMBUST by K. Bromberg EBOOK


OMG K. Bromberg did it again. An emotional, heartfelt love story of two broken strangers who help each other find solace, healing and acceptance. Beautifully written!!!

Sexy firefighter meets songwriter… sounds simple enough but no, there is so much more heart to this story than what you would expect.

Dylan is a songwriter/girlfriend of a famous singer. After walking into said singer pounding another woman in her own bed, Dylan dumped him and left town. However due to contract, Dylan is obligated to finish writing songs for her ex up-coming album. Dylan moved in with her brother’s best friend, hoping for some peace and distraction so she can finish her songs. Well, peace she got. Distraction, not so much. Grady is the definition of distraction in the form of a broody, six pack with a heart of gold. Grady appears carefree, flirty, sexy but not without flaws. Grady’s back is marked with scars from a firefighting accident but the scars within are much deeper than we expected. Dylan is super talented, sweet and caring. She is far from perfect either – a bit jaded, broken hearted, and self-deprecating thanks to her douche of a Rockstar ex-boyfriend.

What happens when Dylan’s ex shows up at her door step demanding that they work together face to face, and that Dylan needs to come home with him? Dylan said no way, Jose! Grady invites him to stay :0 🙂 Revenge is the best medicine, right? Grady intend to play house with Dylan while the rock star drooling on the side missing what he can no longer have. This is about to get very interesting!!!!

I love this story. While the plot, the characters and their past is a bit heart breaking, there are plenty of light-hearted, adorable and cute moments as well. The sparks and the passion between Dylan and Grady is scorching hot. You can always count on K. Bromberg to deliver an incredible sexy romance. This book definitely has a little bit of very thing – sexy, fun, romantic, and a HEA.


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