Review: Follow Me Back by A.L. Jackson.



OMG! OMG! In my opinion – Follow me back is the best work of AL Jackson and I love all her books so that says something about this masterpiece. I have a soft spot for doctor heroes and you guys, Kale is the best kind. Kale is a gorgeous ER physician who is married to his job. He does not do relationships or love but he hasn’t always been this way. An event in the past changed his life forever and not in a good way. Kale is fighting a losing battle with his demons and his friends are worried. Hope is caught in the middle of a nasty divorce. She was young and naïve. She married a man who turned out to be a no-good bastard. Hope is now fighting not only for herself but for her son’s life. I really love this heroine – she is beautiful, sweet, and so brave. It took a lot to leave her ex-husband and his influential family knowing she will risk losing everything in the end. Kale – SWOONS!!! Kale is a hero in every sense of the word. He is a caring and compassionate doctor. As a man, he is loving and protective of the people he loves. The way that he fell in love with little Evan just melted my heart. I think AL Jackson did an amazing job with the relationship connection between Kale and Evan – it’s heart-warming, natural, and real. I am totally smitten with this hero!!!

I think what you read in the blurb is all you’ll need going in. You really want to experience the element of surprise as the story unfolds. There is a huge twist in the plot that will knock you on your butt though. I sense a bit of mystery behind Evan and his father’s relationship, but I did not expect Kale and Hopes’ lives to intertwine in that way. Everyone has a breaking point and I think because Kale was overwhelmed with emotion and grief, he made a small mistake toward the end. Ultimately, everything is exactly as it should be – I am not going to lie, after an emotional read, I need my HEA 🙂 This love story really tugged at all my heartstrings. I was an emotional mess throughout and cried buckets of happy tears at the end. Follow Me Back is beautiful, heart-felt, passionate, and frankly unforgettable. A poignant story of love, hope, healing and happiness.




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