Review: How To Date a Douchbag – The Coaching Hours by Sara Ney.

Coaching Cover


OMG! What a cute little story. The short scoop: Eric and Rex made a bet of who will sleep with the wrestling coach’s daughter, Anabelle. These two thought they were clever but Anabelle outplayed their game and both Eric and Rex got into trouble. Anabelle just moved into her overprotective father’s house and was attending a new college. Anabelle wanted to be on her own so she found herself a new roommate, Elliot. Dad wasn’t thrilled. What happens when he finds out his daughter got herself into a big pickle? Anabelle and Elliot were fast friends then quickly became romantic partner. However, Anabelle and Elliot’s romance was short lived because Elliot moved away for graduate school. Will distance makes the heart grow fonder or will Anabelle fall for the bad boy turned best friend Rex? This is not a love triangle though and there is no cheating or bed hoping so don’t be alarmed!

I have not read the first three in the series so I wasn’t familiar with the style. This is a college romance – fast paced, sexy and fun. At first I was a little confused because several guys were introduced – Eric, Rex, and then Elliot. I wasn’t quite sure who the heroine would fall in love with and who were the douchebags. Rex is supposed to be one of the douchebag but I am not ashamed to admit I kind of liked him. In fact, I was kind of torn in the end because I wanted a happy ending for Rex as well. I adore Elliot – he is smart, quirky, fun, swoony boyfriend, but he made a couple of choices that made me so mad I wanted to kick him in the nuts 🙂

The Coaching Hour is such a cute, lighthearted, and charming read. There is drinking, partying, sex, and college drama – reminds me a bit of my college years – young and free. I like the author’s writing style – well-paced, humorous, witty. I was definitely entertained.


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