Review: In Harmony by Emma Scott.

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In Harmony by Emma Scott ~ 5 STARS!!!
WHOA, true to Emma Scott’s style In Harmony is another emotional, heart breaking read. The blurb gave a comprehensive synopsis of what this story is about. Emma Scott mirrors the lives of Willow and Isaac through the words of Shakespeare. A privileged girl and a boy from the wrong side of the tracks who lean on each other through heartbreak, life’s tragedy, all while discovering love, hope, healing and forgiveness.

Quite early on in the book, you already know what happened to Willow during one innocent high school party that changed the course of Willow’s life. It left her nothing but a shell of what used to be a driven vibrant young girl. Isaac’s life is tumultuous – he lost his mother at a young age. She was the anchor of his family. Isaac’s father turned into an alcoholic and abusive man who spent his days in a trailer with a cigarette hanging from his mouth. The bruises and the lengthy disappearance of his father became the gossip of the town. What makes me sad the most is that no one seems to care for young Isaac. My heart really breaks. But all that suffering did not turn Isaac to stone. He is caring, good hearted, and has a talent for acting – it will be his ticket getting out of that hell hole and making something of himself. When Isaac met Willow, he saw a beautiful, sweet, well put together girl but he also saw a broken soul. Someone who needs help and protection but to do so he would have to stay… Life isn’t perfect and one must make sacrifices. Will Isaac leave to pursue his dreams or stay to protect the girl he loves?

In Harmony is a young adult romance but don’t expect any hot and heavy sex or sunshine and rainbows. This story is thought provoking, emotionally charged, heart wrenching, and poignant. Emma Scott never ceases to amaze me with her flawless writing and magnificent storyline. MUST READ this year!!!!





“He doesn’t speak,” she said.

I blinked. “What do you mean, he doesn’t speak? He’s mute?”

She rolled her eyes. “I mean, he can speak. He just doesn’t much. Unless he’s on stage. When he’s on stage, acting…”

Her words trailed away and I followed her gaze to where Isaac Pierce leaned against the wall smoking a cigarette. He looked like James Dean in his black leather jacket. A badass who smoked in plain sight, as if he didn’t care if a teacher caught him.

“He looks…” Hot. A bad boy. The kind who chews girls up and spits them out; a different girl every night… “Tough,” I finished.

Angie nodded. “He is. Has to be. His father beats the hell out of him. Always has, though now Isaac’s big enough to fight back. It’s a bad situation.”

My gaze jumped back to Isaac, to see if the signs of the abuse were written all over him, or if his worst scars were like mine: on the inside.

“You should come to the play this Friday,” Angie said. “Watch Isaac act.”

“He’s good?” I asked.

She snorted. “Good? It’s a transformative experience. I’m not a big fan of plays myself, but watching Isaac Pierce on stage…” She gave me a sly look. “Make sure you bring a spare pair of panties is all I’m saying.”

The bell rang and she trotted off to class. I moved slowly, my gaze lingering on Isaac. He looked up, caught me watching him. For a second, his eyes met mine, and I was awe-struck by the dangerous beauty of this guy—a scruff of beard, angular cheekbones, thick brows…He was a sleek dagger; the kind of guy who cut you with a look if you didn’t know how to handle him.

Isaac tilted his chin at me, ground his cigarette out, flicked the butt away, and sauntered into class. He spoke to no one, and no one spoke to him. But, like me, they stared. Everyone stared.



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