Review: Two Wedding Crashers by Meghan Quinn.

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Hands down Meghan Quinn is the queen of romantic comedy.  This one is just that – fun, sexy and a whole lot of heart.  I did not expect this one to be a bit emotional – a nice pleasant surprise to the plot.  The hero, Beck – just wow!  He is sexy, a bit mysterious, talented and all good heart and soul.  But Beck is not without flaws.  He made a huge mistake in his younger years – some of you might think it is unforgivable.  But I do believe in second chances at life.  Beck has made it a life goal to correct his past mistakes, becoming a philanthropist and role model for the younger generation.  Rylee is quirky, sweet, fun and creative.  She is a romance book author who’s got a big problem – writer’s block.  Beck and Rylee met by chance when both of their friends brought them to crash a wedding in Key West.  The first time Beck laid eyes on Rylee (puke and all 😊) he was immediately intrigued.  The second time he laid eyes on Rylee she was naked as the day she was born.  The attraction and sexual chemistry was instant.  Neither Beck nor Rylee is looking for a committed relationship.  What was supposed to be a fun and fling week turned into so much more – they can’t quit each other.  Will distance make their hearts fonder or will living on the opposite coast prove to be too much?

I adore Beck.  He is so sweet, caring, thoughtful and totally swoony.  He is persistent and really went the extra mile to win Rylee’s heart.  Rylee was dealt sh*t cards and I totally understand why she pushes Beck away.  Rylee’s heart belongs to Beck but her head is thinking that Beck deserves happiness and it can’t be with her.  I did not expect to cry in Meghan’s book ☹ This storyline really captures my heart.  I love that the characters are flawed, tortured, real, relatable – someone one I could have been friends with.  For the most part, this book is hilarious with lots of laugh out loud dialogues, sweet and sexy.  Adding a bit of an emotional twist in the plot made this story a whole lot more touching and beautiful.  I love the epilogue – what a perfect happy ending to a heartfelt love story.

Two Wedding Crashers is a hit!!! LOVED IT!!!!













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