Review: Pretty as a Peach by Juliette Poe.

Pretty as Peach


EEEKKK!! This is another adorable and cute romance in the Sex and Sweet Tea series. Pretty as peach is the 4th book – all books can be read as standalone. This one is on Colt, the youngest brother of the Mancickus family. All of Colt’s siblings are settled with jobs and family in Whynot (book 1-3). Colt is left to take over the family farm but he will need a little financial help. Colt applied for a loan intending to plant grapes for his winery. But Colt is not the only one that applying for a loan. His competition is the new beauty in town – Darby Culhane. Darby millionaire ex-brother in law bought her the adjacent farm as a tax-cut. Intern, Darby can use this farm to grow peaches as part of a project for her PhD degree. Darby’s life is a bit of a disarray. She moved to Whynot with her adorable daughter hoping for a fresh start. Colt see Darby as a threat and his enemies because she is temporary and Colt’s family is eight generation owners of Mainer’s farm. Colt is determined to get this loan and not even a delicious sexy beauty can stand on his way …

I was expecting more angsts and hostility between Colt and Darby since they are slate to fight for one available loan, but they became cordial and friendly with each other right away. They were both a little too nice to each other LOL 😊 But it is super cute – their friendship is easy, sweet and romantic – not too much hot and heavy sex. I understand the direction of this book though – Darby has a daughter who is having a tough time with the sudden change so Darby and Colt were respectful of each other in the present of her. Despite the attraction Darby has for Colt, she really cannot jump into the next man’s bed. She has to focus on her daughter and her career. There is a tiny bit excitement and drama with Darby douche husband at the end. Over all, I love Juliette Poe’s writing style for this series. All the stories are so innocent, fun, adorable, sweet, and entertaining. Of course, if you want something sexier and erotic check out her alter ego Sawyer Bennett 😊


Pretty T1



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