Review: Dane’s Storm by Mia Sheridan.

Dane's storm



Just finished and I’m emotionally spent. Gripping, intense, passionate, and so beautiful. I was on my seat the entire time until the last word was spoken. It was then that I was able to breathe a big sigh of relief. I was crying fat ugly tears and happy ones at the end. Mia delivered another EPIC, gorgeous and unforgettable love story.

The first part of the book’s alternate past and present is in Audra’s POV. Audra and Dane met when they were in high school. Dane was Audra’s first kiss, first love, first everything. Dane came from a privileged family and Audra was from an entirely different social class. The two married at 18 but tragedy struck and they could not weather the storm. Their marriage lasted less than 2 years. Nearly a decade later, Audra lives a quiet life in her hometown of Colorado running a small flower business, something Dane bought for her as a wedding gift. Audra put her heart and soul into her business but Dane’s grandmother threatened to take back Audra’s building and put her out of business. Did Dane have anything to do with this? How could he sit by and let this happen? Confused and hurt, Audra flies to California to confront Dane. It’s the first time Audra comes face to face with the only man she ever loved after seven years apart. Dane is surprised to see his ex-wife in the flesh and even more surprised to learn of his grandmother’s actions and lies. Dane offers to fly Audra back to Colorado but their plane crashes on the way. Dane and Audra barely survive the plane crash. With a week-long of bitter winter storms and no way of communication, they are forced to trust, safeguard and protect each other in order to survive the second biggest crash of their life. This is a big testament of their love and devotion for each other despite the hurt, mistakes and misunderstanding of their past. Man oh man! Does this kind of love still exist in real life????

The story starts out steady at the beginning but by the time Audra and Dane reunite it was game on. There was a load of angst, anticipation, and passion. You can feel the love, attraction and adoration dripping off the characters. The tension and chemistry was intense. There is no denying that Audra and Dane are soulmates. I was heartbroken hearing the recount of the devastating loss and heart break both Audra and Dane went though. They were both kids and were not equipped to deal with life’s adversities. Now, it is in the remote, unforgiving wilderness they are faced with life and death, triumph and failure – their survival story is gripping and heart-wrenching. This is where I felt the overwhelming, emotional, and breathtaking love these two have for each other. The ending was a huge surprise. Just when you thought it was over, there is an exciting twist I did not expect at all – a very good surprise that melted my heart. The epilogue is just PERFECT! Put a huge smile on my face and I felt a ton lighter.

This is an incredibly romantic, heartfelt second chance love story. If you are familiar with Mia Sheridan’s books at all, she has a way of sucking you deep into the story and taking you on an emotional roller coaster ride. I cannot help but sob like a baby every time. In the end, my heart and soul sing with happiness and contentment that Audra and Dane survive and their love is nothing short of epic. Dane’s Storm is utterly exquisite guys!!!

Stock up on tissues and grab yourself a comfortable seat because you will not be able to stop.




Ebook & Print, coming September 17th.

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