Cover: Sweeping the Series (Balls in Play #3) by Kate Stewart.

Sweeping Cover

OH, HOW I LOVE THE BALL MEN!!! Holy Moly!!!! This book is hot! Ren is a catcher bad boy extraordinaire… drinking, brawling and bedding his way to Denver. With the world series looming, management wants the fans to focus more on baseball and less on who Ren will stick his wood into next. They hire a PR company to help clean up Ren’s image. Erica is the lucky winner sent to Denver. Erica knows she is screwed the moment she finds out whose image she is to make squeaky clean – her past lover of one year. Erica and Ren were inseparable back in college. Ren had his future all planned out and it included Erica by his side and possibly a few kids running around, but Erica had other ideas. She abruptly moved to New York, leaving Ren no possible choice of following her. In the two years that followed, Erica sat and watched the sweet gentle man she used to know turn into a man-whore. Now she has to face Ren and he is angry. Will Ren have the closure he desperately needs? Will Erica finally come clean and face the only man she ever loved?

Man, this book is all angst and tension. My stomach was knotted the whole time. Ren’s anger radiates off him in waves. He was conflicted – hurt but also still loves Erica with all his heart. He made sure to make Erica’s life miserable in Denver. Erica knew she made a huge mistake leaving Ren three years ago. The moment she came to that realization she wanted to run to Ren and ask for forgiveness but it was too late. It did not take long for Ren to have two women in his arms. Erica was hurt that Ren could move on so fast but she had no one to blame. These two have so much to work on – years of hurt feelings and misunderstanding. I really love Ren – he’s not the man-whore he appears to be. A good guy at heart – super sexy, caring, and swoony. Erica made mistakes and more than paid for it. She is funny, sweet and beautiful. I love all the wicked banters, the passion, the undeniable sizzling chemistry… not to mention the sexcapade – Lord, Kate knows how to write these amazing steamy sex scenes. This is a novella and I think it is a perfect combination of heart, humor, baseball and romance. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!


Sweeping T2





Sweeping the series T1

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