Review: Come As You Are by Lauren Blakely.

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4.5 Naughty Stars 🙂

“I’m so fucking happy. 

I’m so incredibly turned on.

And I’m deep in filthy, beautiful love with her.”

Charming standalone romance, high-tech nerd/ CEO meet newly single/ ready to mingle Sabrina.  I really adore both hero and heroine in this book.  Flynn is brilliant, successful, rich, commanding CEO in the boardroom but outside of the work the guy is totally swoony – sweet, charming, sexy, carefree, love quoting historical romance – an old soul.  Flynn’s only flaw is that he has a tough time trusting people, borderline on the paranoid side J.  Men are cornered him to pitch business ideas and women are after for money.  Flynn dated many women but yet to find real love.

Sabrina is a complete opposite of what Flynn is used too.  She is not interested in his business or money which is a breath of fresh air.  Sabrina is a bit jaded with men at the moment but she is done with being lonely and sad.  Sabrina is looking for some fun and that’s exactly what she got when she met the mysterious, handsome man at the Masquerade party – dancing, grinding, hot and passionate against the wall sex.  Sabrina’s fairytale ended that night.  She left her prince charming behind.  The very next day things got a whole lot complicated when Sabrina found out her subject of affection is actually the CEO (yes, the one she knew intimately) she supposed interview for her job.

Come as You Are is yet another sweet, fun, lighthearted romantic read from Lauren Blakely.  I love all the flirty banters, undeniable chemistry, passion, the interviews/non-dates where two people hand-in-hand exploring beautiful places in New York – it is all very romantic.  Will Sabrina’s opinion of the CEO versus the man she is falling in love with be different when it comes to writing her article?

Another fun, swoony, sexy romance … yum! Loved it! ❤


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