Review: Misadventures with the Boss (Misadventures # 12) by Kendall Ryan.

4.5 Stars

Fresh off a breakup, Piper just moved to a new town hoping for a fresh start. Her sister thought it was a clever idea for Piper to meet a guy, have some fun, and live a little. So, she set up Piper’s profile on a dating site. Jackson has had a lot of stress with merging his company so he is looking for a release (ahem… below the belt kind of release 😊). Jackson 21782 and Fantasy Girl 29 set up a blind date. After a few drinks and flirty banters, the two have a hot one-night stand. The next morning Piper reports to her new job and lo and behold her new boss is none other than the sexy man she was in bed with just hours before.

Jackson is a hit it and quit it kind of guy. He is much too busy for a relationship or clingy women. Jackson is sexy, successful, in control of his life and his business. However, there is more to Jackson than what he is showing everyone. Jackson has a heartbreaking past, growing up in the system. He could not afford much of anything but he managed to crawl his way out and build an empire.

Piper is a homebody. Smart, beautiful, and much more innocent than what her profile says. Piper thought she had one night of fun and life goes on, but her life is about to be complicated as she will be working closely as Jackson’s new assistant. Can they separate business and pleasure or will the attraction prove to be too much for either to handle? There is also a little surprise to the plot which will test Jackson and well as Piper’s characters. You will not be disappointed with the lovely ending. Steamy, fun, sweet, enjoyable read. Awesome chemistry and beautifully written.



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