Review – Bro Code by Kendall Ryan.

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“Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and apparently it also turns the cool, older guy I dreamed about having my first kiss with into the best-looking man I’ve ever seen.”

Well, Ms. Kendall Ryan did it again.  As you may guess from the title, this one is a forbidden between the hero and his best friend’s little sister.  Ava has a huge crush on her brother’s friend Barrett since she was wearing braces.  Ava is five years younger so Barrett is always a little out of touch until now…. Barrett is a big shot lawyer in Chicago, slated to be partner of his firm.  What he can’t afford is clingy women who want commitment.  Ava’s parents and her brother Nick have always been a second family to Barrett so when he was invited to celebrate Ava’s father’s retirement party Barrett was elated.  That is until he found out he will be sleeping under the same roof as Ava.  What is worse is when he sees Ava again for the first time.  She is no longer the little sister with braces and boy problems.  Ava is all grown up, beautiful, sexy, smart, feisty.  She well … has needs and is pretty bold about it 🙂

Oh man, between the “anaconda”, the awkward fall outside the store, and the banters … this book is freaking hilarious.  Of course, the sexual tension is off the charts.  Ava and Barrett know they are off-limits to each other.  One careless move would ruin their friendship as well as Barrett and Nick’s friendship.  But they cannot seem to stop falling for each other.  I like Ava and Barrett’s story – it’s not all about sexual attraction and lust.  They have a special friendship bond and passionate love for each other.  There is something cute about them … Since Barrett is older, he is more protective, caring and sweet toward Ava.  I like the side story of Ava’s determination to take over her father’s business and the little drama that went with it.  Could not ask for a more perfect ending to this romance.


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Bro Code T1


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