Review: Bittersweet Always by Ella Fields.


 BittersweetAlways Cover


5 Stars

I knew I couldn’t fix him.
I could only love him.
But I should’ve known better than to think that was enough.


First time author for me – BAM! New favorite.  OMG this book is way more than a romance.  I did not read book one of this series but I am going to read it ASAP after I am done with this review.  This book follows Pippa and Toby’s love story and of course there is a heap of sex, romance, and love but the author also brings awareness to the very sensitive issue of mental illness. I can tell the author did thorough research on the subject because everything was spot on – the symptoms, the personality traits, the behaviors, the therapies, the results … Mental illness is a real issue that affects many of us … I feel that the author did an amazing job of not only bringing awareness but also conveying a message – you are not alone.  It’s okay to feel that way and it is okay to reach out, to get help.  The first step is to recognize you need help.  Everyone is different and you have to be ready to help yourself before anyone can help you.  I went into the book blind and I honestly did not expect this story to be quite that emotional, raw, and heartbreaking.  LOVE IT!!!!


I love Pippa’s personality – feisty, honest, caring and boy, was she strong.  She has her own trust issues but there is something about Toby that Pippa was drawn to.  With all the ups and downs of the rollercoaster relationship, Pippa was always trying to be supportive.  Toby appears funny and carefree, enjoying parties, friends and football … On the outside, he is a put together all American boy but he has demons and he hides behind his mask well.  Toby fought hard but everyone has a breaking point and oh, did he crumple and fall.  I was mad at Toby for being so stubborn but he is such a good guy.  It was heart-breaking seeing Toby struggle to just stay above water.  Something about him just pulled all my heart strings.  I just want to crawl in and give him a huge hug!!!  LOL 🙂


This book seriously evoked all the feels.  Of course, the subject matter is serious and daunting but do not fret there are plenty of sweet, fun, romantic moments.  The chemistry between Pippa and Toby is ridiculously scorching hot but more than that I feel that these two are soulmates and their love is truly unconditional.  Awesome secondary cast of characters – I am very intrigued by Daisy and Quinn.  I sure will dive into their story next.


Bittersweet Always is emotional, raw, real and beautiful.  Flawless writing.  Fantastic read!!!!


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