Review: Intimate Intuition by Audrey Carlan.


Intimate intuition


“Set you loss free.”

So here is the scoop – Silas is the owner of a music production company. Silas is a nice guy – kind, loyal, handsome and sexy and obviously uber rich. On the outside, Silas seems all put together and have it all but on the inside, he is broken. Silas has been through hell and back (well the verdict is still out on the “back” part). He has lost a big part of his life and is still suffering and struggling to move on. The heroine Dara is quirky, feisty, sexy, and gorgeous. She is a yoga/meditation instructor at Lotus house and also owns a little bakery next door. Dara met Silas through a mutual friend Atlas. The two hit it off right away and ended up having a passionate one-night stand. Dara thought she had a good time and would not be seeing much of the hot man again but boy, did she get a little more than she bargained for.

“Be the love he earns when he lets go of all the loss.”

Couple of things … I love the plot. It caught my attention right away with Dara snooping around Silas house and finding out a few things she did not expect. I like the emotional story of Silas’s past and how he evolved and healed his heart – he so deserved happiness and love in his life. I adore Dara. She, too has a bit of a sad past but thankfully was loved and turned out to be an independent, strong, caring and genuinely nice person. The part where Dara helps Silas through tough times is heartfelt. Even before Silas knew the secret and Dara didn’t know what the future would hold for her and Silas, Dara put all her own feelings aside to help him heal. That to me is unconditional love.

I feel like Silas’s sister was completely causing drama for no good reason. With all her concerns for Silas “moving on” she should have been more understanding and happy that Silas finally found someone. I also can do without the drama of the singer. I feel that it did not go with the rest of the story other than showcasing the hilarious, strong, protective side of Dara toward her man. Other than that, I love Silas and Dara’s story – heart-warming, sweet, romantic and don’t forget HOT. You can always count on Audrey for writing such steamy, sexy scenes. Dara’s mama bear? Sweet baby Jesus! The woman is a fire-cracker and I totally dig her. All the bake-good talks – YUM! The yoga session? Yes please, I fell in love with yoga after reading the first book of Audrey’s Lotus series. Most sessions are hot as hell… I don’t know how anyone could focus on doing yoga LOL. But the meditation sessions in this book are quite different – healing, emotional and peaceful more than anything. LOVED IT! Overall, Intimate Intuition is another lovely romance, likable characters, well-paced, gorgeous writing.

4.5 Stars



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