Review: Absinthe of the Heart (Sins of Yesterday # 1) by Monica James.


OMG!!!! What the heck woman! This book is freaking delicious but now I am dying for book two. I actually went in blind because Monica James is one of my favorite authors and I love her stories and her writing style. Once again, she delivered a unique story filled with angst, drama, suspense, and a roller coaster romance. SO GOOD!!! It ended in a cliffy.

Right from the prologue, I was intrigued by the circumstances and the colorful past of London and Holland’s parents. Their lives were intertwined and not in a pleasant way. London has everything – wealthy, good looks and popularity while Holland lives a quiet life with her working class parents. She is desperate to earn a scholarship so she can get out of town. Growing up, Holland and London were nemeses. They hated each other’s guts because their parents hated each other. They both know any type of friendship or romance is forbidden and completely off limits. For the most part, Holland and London stayed away from each other and when their paths cross it’s all sharp tongue and hateful banters. But one fateful night changed Holland and London forever. Was it all a game of winning to London? Holland was devastated – she left town vowing to never look back.

Ten years later, Holland became a hot shot lawyer in NY. She brought her fiancé Lincoln back home to visit her family and get ready for the upcoming nuptial. What supposed to be three weeks of relaxation turns complicated when she ran into her old enemy London. Holland did not expect all her feelings for London to come rushing back and it is more than she could handle. Holland is torn and confused when she learns the truth about London and what really happened ten years ago. All the misunderstandings and lost time, can Holland finally have her happy ending with London, the only man she ever loved? OH NO! Not that easy guys!!! There is a HUGE TWIST at the ending that left me gasping for air. There are so many questions at the end of book one. Holland is being followed, but by whom? Her best-friend Belle is still in the picture and closer to London than Holland expected. Lincoln has a HUGE secret. Has he been lying all this years? We will find out in book two.

I really enjoy the premise of this book – Sort of love/hate, enemies to lowers romance but with a unique plot. The sexual tension and the chemistry is off the chart amazing. I like the brooding younger version of London but the grown-up self-assured London is deliciously HOT.
There is quite a bit of drama in the plot surrounding the two sets of parents as well as between Holland and London. History seems to repeat itself and I pray that Holland and London have a much different ending…

Absinthe of the heart is seriously addicting, a page turner for sure. Devoured in one sitting!!! Can’t wait for the finale!!!! COME ON WOMAN!!!!


3 AotH princess


Release Date: May 14th

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