Loving Irish



OMG! This story – bawled my eyes out … happy tears and the biggest smile on my face at the end. There went my sleep last night but so WORTH IT!

“Bright love of my heart.”

“I love you.”

“Ah, and that there’s her downfall, poor lass: loving Irish.”

“Silly man, loving Irish is her greatest treasure.”

This is the third book of the Summerhaven series about Ian Haven and Hallie.  The love story is an emotional one which I did not expect at all.  Ian and Hallie met when they were teenagers.  Hallie attended summer camp at the Summerhaven for three years.  The last summer before her 18th birthday they secretly dated and fell deeply in love.  Ian and Hallie knew they were meant to be with each other for life.  On the eve before Hallie turns 18 she had big plans to finally give herself to Ian but her plans got deterred.  The next day Hallie found Ian in the barn drunk with another girl. Hallie was devastated.  Ian and Hallie’s life forever changed after that fateful night. Ten years later, Hallie found herself back at Summerhaven divorced, broke, with a child, hoping for a fresh start at a place that held so many memories.  What she did not plan is to come face to face with her first and only love Ian.  Ian had a hard go with life after Hallie left without a trace 10 years prior.  He is a recovering alcoholic, still working on healing and rebuilding a new life.  Ian needs to find peace, to make amends with the people he loves – the most important person of all, Hallie.  Can Ian and Hallie forgive themselves and each other for past mistakes and rekindle the love they once had?

“There will still be moments … sometimes, when my doubts get the better of me.  But I promise to come to you when they do.  I promise never just to leave you without a word … without fighting for us first.”

I think this one might be my favorite of the series.  The love story completely captivated my heart – emotional, romantic, heart-warming.  I love the tender way Ian treats Hallie as if she was his Queen and Jenny was his princess.  Ian is a such a loving and caring man.  Despite Hallie’s anger toward Ian, he does not give up.  He is patient, kind and his love and devotion for Hallie and her adorable daughter is truly unconditional.  Hallie’s heart has been broken twice.  She is hurt and can no longer trust men.  So many times, I prayed that Hallie would give in and be friendlier with Ian but I understand Hallie’s fear of being hurt again.  It will take time for Hallie’s heart to heal so she can give Ian a second chance because he is truly a gentle heart who deserves happiness.  THEY BOTH deserve LOVE and HAPPINESS!!!

“Mo chroi, I would do anything for you.  That’s how it is when you love someone.”

Loving Irish is a heartfelt chance romance.  I like the puppy love but I love the older, genuine, matured version of Ian and Hallie. This is more than a love story, it’s about healing, acceptance, forgiveness, fate, and second chances at life.  Brilliant writing as always.  I am so glad we will get another short story Catching Irish featuring Tate and Finian. Really, I desperately don’t want this series to end EVER!!!



Loving Irish T1

Loving Irish T2


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