Review: Getting Schooled by Emma Chase.

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5 Stars

Holy cuteness!!! This one is fun, sexy, heartwarming, and oh so romantic.
Garrett is a former high school star quarterback turned sexy football coach and history teacher in his hometown where he grew up. Garrett has everything he needs – a house on the lake, a job he loves, friends, family and his best buddy Snoopy … well except the one girl that got away.

Callie and Garrett were high school sweethearts. They were inseparable until circumstances moved her across the country to California. Callie built herself a nice life for the last decade – she has good friends and a dream job in theatre. When Callie’s parents got themselves in a sticky situation, got in a car accident and broke their legs, Callie was forced to move home to help. Callie accepted a temporary job as a substitute teacher at her old high school where you guessed it, her first love Garrett is teaching It’s like back to old times – a few stolen kisses and a couple trips to the supply closet … is it just hormones and making up for lost time or is there much deeper emotional feelings Garrett and Callie have for each other. They say you never forget your first love. Will Garrett and Callie realize that their love never faded even with the years apart? What will it take to make the relationship work this time? Give up their life/job to be with the one you love?

What a beautiful love story. I always enjoy second chance romance. This one has all the feels – sexy, funny, heartwarming and a bit emotional. The chemistry is off the chart. More than that you can feel the deep love these two have for each other. I normally don’t like high school drama but thank God there was little of it. The high school parts were mostly about the football kids and one very endearing, tear jerking gesture they displayed toward their beloved coach. I listened to this on audio – love the voice – mesmerizing, sucked me right in from the beginning until the end. Fantastic second chance love story full of humor and heart.


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