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“We need you, Chef,” Blaze said. It was the first time he had addressed me as Chef and I was immediately floored by the weightiness of hearing that one word. Oh, my god, I was the boss. This was my restaurant. And damn did it feel good to hear someone call me Chef. “I’ll be right there,” I told Blaze. To Vann, I said, “Duty calls.” “Let me know if you fire anyone else today,” he teased. I laughed, unable to help myself. Who was this guy? “You’ll be the first to know.” “Bye, Dillon,” he murmured. My stomach flipped at the familiar way he said my name. “Bye, Vann.” I hung up the phone and dropped it inside my desk drawer. I had a kitchen to run. I couldn’t be thinking about Vann Delane and his surprisingly good advice. Or his shockingly cute butt. Slapping a hand over my mouth to hide my smile, I walked back to the kitchen, pushed up my sleeves and got to work.





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