Happy Release Day: A King So Cold by Ella Fields

A King So ColdA King So Cold by Ella Fields

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

HOLLY WOW!!! This isn’t just a book. It’s an EXPERIENCE!
A King so Cold is only my second fantasy / historical romance and I am completely enamored by this author and her unique story. I was fascinated by the plot from the very first page. So, there is a “King so cold” but personally I feel that the story is more about the life and journey of the cold-hearted Queen instead. And then there is Lord who is “linked” to said Queen since she was very young. Yes, there are 3 people in this party but don’t worry this is not a threesome or a typical love triangle like you would expect. What they do and how they live within the castle is completely believable and honestly pretty understandable given the time. I went in it with a complete open mind and I am so glad I did.
Because this is a fantasy trope, the love story is very complicated and multilayered, as was the three main characters. The Lord is mature, caring, honest, royal and completely devoted to the Queen. The King is cold, cruel, emotionless, and a little cray cray . He wasn’t always that way though. Whatever happened to the fun, playful, and loving King? Will he ever be the person the Queen once fell in love with? And then the Queen – oh boy! she is something else … She is heartbroken, flawed, brave, and unapologetic. Some might say cruel and cold-hearted. She rules her Kingdom the way she sees fit, with power and precision, and no one dare get in the way. I have to tell you some scenes are pretty gruesome (not my typical trope) but in this story it is warranted and necessary. The whole thing is very “Braveheart-ish” something I don’t usually read or watch but I am surprised that I LOVE all if it – the angst, suspense, betrayal, revenge, war, punishment and murder and of course ROMANCE.
Ella Fields is truly one talent lady. The writing is sophisticated, riveting and flawless. A King So Cold is one MAGNFICANT piece of work from the gorgeous cover until the very last page. Forbidden, unconventional but in the end I felt like the Queen is with exactly who I envisioned and the world is just as it should be. EPIC read and definitely one of my favorite of 2020.

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