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Important Rose Canyon series update!

Emmett and Blakely fake-married each other for extra money and to stay stationed together in the military. What once deemed convenient, turned complicated when Blakely caught a love bug. She spook, severed all ties and left everything behind, including her fake husband. Few years later, Emmett is now a sheriff in his hometown of Rose Canyon. Blakely is a private investigator in D.C. Fate brought Blakely to Oregon for a case. The minute she crossed path with Emmett again the past came crashing back – emotions ran high, sexual tension oozing off them both. Blakely’s feelings for Emmett has not changed … the question is how does Emmett feels about Blakely after she broke his heart and disappeared all those years. Will Blakely keep running from her feelings? Can they fix the past and start anew?
Give Me Love is the second book in the Rose Canyon series – small town, friends-to-lovers, marriage of convenience, forgiveness, and second chance at love. I really enjoy Emmett and Blakely journey – emotional, beautiful, intense with a touch of mystery. The chemistry between them is evident and the banters are pretty funny. Mostly, I really feel the love these two have to each other despite the “fake” and the years apart. I love CM writing – that and the storyline really just suck you in and kept you flipping the pages until the last one. This one got all the feels … highly recommended.

New York Times bestselling author Corinne Michaels brings another second chance standalone in the town of Rose Canyon.

My biggest mistake was falling in love with my fake husband.
It was supposed to be a marriage of convenience between two best friends in the military. Our plan was to collect extra money and stay stationed together.
But what failed? Me. I did. Because suddenly I wanted a man who was never meant to be my real husband.

In an attempt to remedy my mistake, I severed all ties and put my life as a combat medic and Emmett Maxwell behind me. I’ve lost too many people to open myself up to love.

Now I’m working as a private investigator, and fate has stepped in, forcing our paths to intersect again when I’m looking into the disappearance of a missing girl with ties to Emmett’s hometown. A case I fear puts his life in danger.

He gives me one week to prove my suspicions and then I need to sign the divorce papers and leave. The problem with that? The moment I see Emmett again, I realize how foolish it was to leave him, to think I could ever stop loving him. All I want is a second chance.

When the case threatens not only my life but also his, I’m faced with my worst fear. How many times can a heart break before it shatters beyond repair?

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