Happy New Release – My Dark Romeo by L.J. Shen and Parker S. Huntington

My fairy tale turned into a cautionary one.

Inked in tar and sealed in tears.

My Dark Romeo, an all-new marriage of inconvenience, enemies to lovers, standalone romance from Wall Street Journal bestselling authors L.J. Shen and Parker S. Huntington is available now!

From Wall Street Journal bestsellers L.J. Shen and Parker S. Huntington comes an explosive marriage of inconvenience…between a tarnished Romeo and a reluctant Juliet.

It was supposed to be a harmless kiss at a lavish debutante ball.

A clandestine moment with a handsome stranger.

But unlike his namesake, my Romeo isn’t driven by love.

He’s fueled by revenge.

To him, I’m a chess piece. Leverage.

His rival’s betrothed.

To me, he is a man deserving of poison.

A dark prince I refuse to marry.

He thinks I’ll accept my fate.

Well, I plan to rewrite it.

And in my story, Juliet doesn’t die.

But Romeo? He perishes.

I can spot LJ Shen book from a mile away. PS Huntington is a new author for me but this duo is a great pair as the writing and the story flows seamlessly. The hero (Romeo) is something else – broody, alpha, demanding, downright mean the way he talks sometimes…but that’s it… he is all talk but his actions speak something a lot softer  Romeo is on a roll – he is out for revenge by way of marrying the object of his affection (he doesn’t know it yet) the virgin southern bell. Dallas is innocent but she is sassy, spitfire, and unapologetic. She is also a bit quirky with her “don’t give a shit” attitude. She eats like a horse and love all books. Romeo blackmailed Dallas into a marriage. She reluctantly agreed but vowed to make Romeo’s life a living hell. He’d better sleeps with both eyes open. Dallas concocted up a plan herself, but what she didn’t plan was to fall in love with the devil. I enjoyed all the snarky banters – even the crass words Romeo spat at Dallas, it was good because of all the angst  There is a reason Romeo is the way he is – a bit damage and broken from his childhood so I’ll excused him for that mouth LOL. All the texting between Romeo and his buddies are super hilarious  Nice plot twist, emotional toward the end and a beautiful ending. This book is a page-turner and I was thoroughly entertained.

Start reading today!


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