To help celebrate this awesome movie coming in out next Friday with Matt Damon (love Matt Damon’s movies) I asked my husband to do a quick review of the book.  He has an astronomy bent !!! :-)) Read it before the movie 🙂

This sci-fi adventure grabs you from the first sentence.  Mark Watney is an astronaut on the third Ares mission to Mars, and he finds himself all alone.  He and 5 others landed on the planet for a planned 30 days mission.  Only problem was a fierce storm wrecked those plans – NASA ordered an abort and during the escape to their “MAV” (escape rocketship), Mark was lost in the dust storm and thought dead.  Now he is alone on a planet with limited food, no communication to earth (destroyed in the storm) and no further help on the way for another 4 years.  The author is a software engineer who creates a very realistic and detailed picture of the struggles that Mark will have to overcome.  He is a mechanical engineer and botanist who will need al lhis skills in the sciences to save his life on this less-than-forgiving planet.  What is refreshing about this book is the plausibility of his situations and he practical solutions he devises to survive.  It is a story about survival against all odds and about the nature of mankind to help one another when in greatest need.
Read it before the movie comes out next Friday everyone!  Really good!

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