Review: Give Me Yesterday by K. Webster

Give Me Yesterday
Give Me Yesterday by K. Webster

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Give me yesterday – Elle Christensen & K. Webster ~ 5 STARS! MUST READ!!!!
WOW! This book is so so so GOOD. The heroine is Victoria (Tori), a high profile divorce lawyer. Victoria suffered a tragic loss of her love ones when she was a teenager – she never quite get over that. She is known to be sassy, tough, emotionless, no bullshit kind of girl. Chase is a grief counselor and professor known as Dr. Monroe (HOT!!!). Chase’s passion is to help people heal but he has his own demons. The two met when Victoria was forced by her boss to attend grief counseling session after she lashed out at a client (lol that scene was pretty funny). Despite Victoria’s tough anterior and resistant, Chase was determined to help her get through her grief, to accept her past, and move on with her life – at the same time he is trying to overcome his own hurts and regrets.
“… you carry me … I will carry you…”
Their relationships bloomed, they eventually fell in love but then there was a BIG twist. I was SHOCK! It took my breath away. Gasping!!! The authors did an AMAZING job – this twist is totally UNEXPECTED. There were little blurbs here and there about Chase’s past but I never put two and two together. I CRIED for both of them.
“Life is not fair”
There were some happy tears too though. I swooned over how Chase was so caring, patience and loving with Victoria. Great banters between the two of them and also some very funny moments… the part where she told the grief group how her weekend went … wink wink … LOL.
Give me yesterday is very UNIQUE. The writing is INCREDIBLE.
This is a BEAUTIFUL, EMOTINAL, HEART-WARMING LOVE story. It is not ALL SAD – VERY SEXY too. One of my favorites book this year.
Prepare yourself with lots of tissue, coffee (you will not be able to put it down), comfortable PJs and enjoy this read. You will LOVE IT TOO!!!!
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