Review: Every Wrong Reason by Rachel Higginson

Every Wrong Reason
Every Wrong Reason by Rachel Higginson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OMG!!! Just finished Every wrong reason. SOoooo good! I’m an emotional mess. Full review

OH BOY!!! I am a fan of Rachel Higginson’s books. I love “The five stages of falling in love” and I LOVE “Every wrong reason” more. I was sniffing in bed until 2 in the morning. I COULD NOTE PUT IT DOWN. Most of the time, I like to read light-hearted, sweet with a little of angst, and mushy stories, but I have to say sometimes I need a dose of reality and this book did it for me. This story speaks real life. I started crying at the end of the prologue.

Kate and Nick have been married for 7 years. She thought he was the one, her happy ever after but then she realized that Nick is not the person he used to be. Somewhere along the line they fell out of love. She thought that divorce would help them both move on to find happiness with others but neither of them was prepared for the heartache that came along with the process.
….First my heart broke. Then my spirit fragmented….

As Nick and Kate attempt to lead separate lives they slowly realized that they are lost without each other. The everyday chores/routine that you oh so carefully do without thinking about now all the sudden you don’t know how to handle them on your own. I was laughing when Nick was inquiring about Katie’s last oil change  He asked where she took her car and she replied:
…. The … oil change place …. The place… with all the oil LOL

This book is definitely emotional, heart-wrenching but it is also very honest. It shows the real struggles that probably all of us went through at some point in our marriage.

“It wouldn’t always be like this. Seven years of marriage had taught us that every day would be different, that life would throw us curve balls and we wouldn’t always get along.”

The above quote is what I take away from reading this book. I truly believe that the story opens my eyes too – just to be a little more considerate with each other, and little more forgiving. Don’t sweat the small stuffs but instead look at the big picture. Life is too short!

One small thing, you know the phrase: “It takes two to tango” I would love to have the alternate point of view though. I wanted to see how Nick feels and if he has the same regrets and heartache. I know the author did convey Nick’s feelings about Kate through his brother and through the narrative but I still want to really see into his mind… I would have loved the Kate/Nick alternate chapters.

The song that Nick (he is a musician) wrote for Kate… oh I CRIED like a baby AGAIN! HAPPY tears.
Love that is enough
Love that is big enough for two
Love that is endless enough for more
Love that is just between me and you

One last quote:
…I want a life, a real one. I want to know each day meant something profound and at the end of it, I want to know it was worth the journey…

Rachel Higginson’s writing is just amazing. She is so talented and her stories are brilliant. You cannot help but to feel the character’s raw emotions. I cried but I laugh at a few moments too. I would highly recommend this book not only married couples but also to EVERYONE because trust me it will make you think twice about what you say and how you treat others. I demanded that my husband read it too  Will see…
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