Review: Hard Love by Meredith Wild

Hard Love
Hard Love by Meredith Wild

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hard Love – Meredith Wild – 4 Stars

I have read all of the Hacker series book and I was anticipating the final chapter of Blake and Erica story. Meredith does not disappoint. There is drama, there is scandal and there is LOVE – lots of love between these two. The story picked up after Blake and Erica’s wedding and they went on a honey-moon. When they got back to real life there are trouble brewing and Blake got caught in some trouble with the law. Once again, Erica the heroine was more than ready to jump in to rescue her love at all costs (against Blake’s will of course).

In Hard Love there is more suspense so it sucked you into the story and you just HAVE to continue reading to find out what happens next. I also enjoyed the side story of Heath and Alli as well as Fiona and Parker relationship – wonder if there will be a book for these two couples? wink…wink… 🙂

Hard Love is a perfect and beautiful ending to the Hacker series. It touches a little bit on everyone that was along for the ride so you have a sense of closure for all the characters involved. Out of all the books though I like Hardwired the best! Hard Love is my second favorites 🙂

Thank you Ms Meredith Wild for a wonderful series!!!!

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