Review: Dark Wild Night by Christina Lauren

Dark Wild Night
Dark Wild Night by Christina Lauren

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dark wild night – by Christina Lauren – 4.5 stars

This story is about Lola and Oliver (cute names). They met in Vegas and along with two other friends they got married. While their two friends stayed married Lola and Oliver got annulment when they got back home. They thought that they made the right decision because what happened in Vegas was just a result of a drunken night. In real life, Lola always has a crush on Oliver – she always wanted him.

“Just give me a week. A week of you, and your lips and your laugh in my bed. Just one week and then I think I’ll be okay.”

Oliver was falling in love with Lola as well and always regretting what he should have done with Lola when he had a chance. Now they are in the friends zone…

I really like Lola – she is kind of nerdy, corky,, and smart. She is focus and work hard. She is struggling with some trust issues. She does not want to get to deep with anyone because they might leave her or maybe she will leave them. Oliver is a gentleman, a great friend and he has an Aussie accent :)… Oliver is vulnerable, and sweet and so in love with Lola knowing that it will take time for Lola to reciprocate.

…I’ve never need to matter to someone as much as I need to matter to you”…. So stinking sweet!!!

Oliver is funny too. I had some laugh out loud moments. Actually, the banters was great with all characters especially not-Joe.

“Lola’s hair is naturally smooth and straight. Right now it looks like it might house a family of small birds…”

I have read Dirty rowdy thing and Sweet filthy boy and love them both so I had to come back for more…

One small thing though I was looking for an epilogue… I was hoping for a proposal…. Okay okay I know it probable happen but I want to hear it from Christina Lauren :))

Panel shows Christina Lauren did it again! I love Lola and Oliver’s best friends turn lovers story.

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