Review: Wicked Fall by Sawyer Bennett

Wicked Fall
Wicked Fall by Sawyer Bennett

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Wicked fall by Sawyer Bennett – 3.5 STARS

Never in your wildest dreams could you begin to imagine all the filthy and depraved things that go on
inside The Wicked Horse. Step inside and Woolf Jennings will make every one of your dirty fantasies come true.
Wolf Jennings, a millionaire Wyoming rancher, has opened up a sinfully erotic and private sex club named the Wicked Horse.
Callie Hayes has returned home to Wyoming and is looking forward to starting her life over again. After a night of impetuosity, she’s managed to put herself right in Woolf’s line of sight.
Callie’s dirty desires and sweet heart are getting under his skin, and making Woolf question everything he’s ever believed about himself.

This review has spoilers!
So the story is really quite simple. Wolf Jennings likes kinky sex and introduces Callie Hayes to his kinky ways. However, Callie is the daughter of a senator and cannot be associated with a sex club. Wolf falls in love with Callie and gives up the sex club for Callie.

I finished the book and my initial thought was “meh.” It was okay. Nothing great. It was definitely an erotica novel bordering porn on paper. It has some steamy sex scenes, but I generally like a little more plot in the stories I read. I also found the epilogue confusing. It really didn’t even address Wolf and Callie’s future. Instead it was in Cain’s point of view setting up the next book for Cain.

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