Review: Taking Connor by B.N. Tyler

Taking Connor
Taking Connor by B.N. Toler

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a sweet book. Demi is a widow and vows to her husband, Blake, before he passes away that she will help his cousin, Connor, after he is released from prison. Connor and Blake were like brothers and Demi decides to trust that Connor is a good man even though she does not know why he was in prison. Although they both feel an attraction to one another, they both fight it. They learn to be friends and eventually, they give into their desires. I really enjoyed watching them fall in love. Connor was such a good man and I just loved how kind he was. Demi was such a strong and kind-hearted person as well. I felt good about how she and Connor fell in love. Blake was portrayed as such a wonderful person and even though he passed away at the start of the book, I really liked him. I liked him so much that I was afraid I would feel upset that Demi would betray him by being with Connor. However, Demi has so much love for Blake and she devoted herself to him. Her kindness and love shine through and I ended up wanting her to find true happiness. I think Demi and Connor started their relationship in a tactful and respectful way and I was happy to see them find one another. I admired how Demi was so trusting of Connor. I’m not sure many people could have that kind of trust and faith. It’s a beautiful love.

“The day I got out. It was like waking straight out of hell and finding an angel waiting for me on the other side….My redemption.”

The book touches on some very difficult subjects for me. I have a very hard time with stories that deal with child molestation and I almost stopped reading several times, because I could see where the book was going with some of the issues. I was relieved the book doesn’t go into too many details about the issue. Some terrible things happen, but I feel justice prevails in the end. Overall, it’s a cute and easy read. Enjoy!
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