Review: When I Was Yours by Samantha Towle

When I Was Yours
When I Was Yours by Samantha Towle

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When I Was Yours ~ Second chance romance!!! 5 STARS ~~~ Emotional, intense, sexy, and full of swooning love

“And for that wondrous brief moment in time, she was mine and I was hers.”

WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! The feels …. I literally can not stop crying ugly tears the last few chapters of this book … I don’t know if it’s “that time of the month” lol or Samantha is amazing at making readers reduced to tears reading this story but I think it’s definitely the ladder. Either way I’m a bubbly mess right now.

Adam came from a wealthy family. He is living a playboy life having meaningless sex with different girl and never a repeat. Besides that, he surfs and have a fun life without any worries. Evie is living a very different life. Loosing her mother at a young age, she is left with a sick younger sister and a father. She is working hard to look after them. Any little free time she has, she indulge in her passion of drawing.
Adam an Evie met at a very romantic setting while she is drawing sitting on a rock at the beach while Adam is watching her from his beach house balcony. Little did he knows she was watching him back Sigh…
The two fell in love instantly but love is never easy … Evie disappeared one week after their elope wedding without a trace. This decision costs Evie her heart and the love of her life.
Ten year forward, Evie came back to the same city and the two by chance met again… with so much anger, broken promises and unanswered questions looming, can Adam forgive Evie for shattered his heart many years ago?

“Evie always has been my drug of choice”

When I Was Yours is full of angst. It’s an emotional and heart breaking love story – tender hearts, young love facing the odds. All the tears and anguish aside, there were many funny moments and banters that make me laugh out loud. There are also steamy, sexy, fanning yourself sex scene guys .

I am a fan of Samantha’ writing style – it’s intense!!! It has a way of sucking me in from the beginning to end. Finished in one day. I especially enjoyed the dual POV and it alternates past and present so when you read the present you want so badly to go to the next chapter to find out what happened in the past and vice versa. This book has an epilogue which I love although short but that’s probably because I don’t want the story to end

BTW, Max need a story and a happy ever after please. He is definitely a player but I know he has a good heart. He is loyal and probably HOT Please tell me you are working on that Samantha….

He is mine, and I am his
She is mine, and I am hers

Gaaaahhhh! What a great idea for engraving wedding bands…. LOVE!
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