Review: My Soul to Keep by Kennedy Ryan

My Soul to Keep
My Soul to Keep by Kennedy Ryan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My Soul to Keep (Soul Series Book 1) by Kennedy Ryan ~ 4 Stars

This is a musician romance, friends to lovers, dual point of view (my favorites). There is a part 2.

Kai’s father abandoned her when she was little. Kai lives with her mother in a small town in Georgia. After Kay’s mother passed away she made a move to LA to pursue her dream in singing and dancing. Her plan was rudely interrupted when she met Rhyson, an already established music super star. They fell in love at first sight but Kai is determined to focus on her career and try to make it on her own. Rhyson has a plan of his own – despite Kai’s resistance he goes to great lengths to make Kai his. Can Rhyson convince Kai that he is the one and give their love a chance? Can Kai finally put down her guard and take the risk of trusting someone again?

“I can live with being just your friend as long as every else is too.”

I fell in love with Rhyson’s character. He is genuinely nice despite the fact that he is a child prodigy, a famous musician with tons of girls throwing themselves at him. Rhyson wants to help Kai with her career; to love and take care of her. He has a good heart, gentle and super sweet. Rhyson’s childhood is not always rosy, he has his own struggles. Kai on the other hand is very resistant to accept any help. I understand she wants to be independent but her trepidation and stubbornness runs deeper then what she willing to admit. Kai struggles with trusting people and she does not want to get hurt again. Having said that I was a little frustrated that Kai kept turning him down every time he wants to help, it almost comes off as ungrateful… but only because this book is a dual point of view. So as a reader, I was fortunate to get the insight into what Rhyson is thinking – Kai doesn’t have that luxury :)) I do appreciate Kai as a strong, intelligent and hardworking woman. More girl power 🙂

“Either I’m yours and you’re mine, or we’re nothing. I don’t want to be your friend. I want to be… yours.”

This book is beautifully written. I enjoyed the banter between all the characters. The laugh out loud moments. I also liked the secondary characters. Bristol is a fire cracker – her name is very fitting. Poor Marlon – I think he is totally head over heals for her ~ they need a story San, Kai’s roommate is funny and a loyal friend. Overall, it was a nice read. A sweet, romantic, beautiful love story with a few twists and drama. Cliffhanger ending though, but I am definitely looking forward to reading book # 2 🙂

“But I ask again, am I worth the risk?”

Well, I guess we will find out!!!!

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.
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